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Waste Management And Recycling

Waste Management Recycling

In the last decade or more, many businesses have been trying to implement greener ways of living. Whether it is in their personal lives or on a corporate level, more and more companies are spawning new methods to help maintain a cleaner atmosphere.

Compass Recycling plays a very large role in waste management with many businesses in New Braunfels, San Antonio, San Marcos, and Seguin.

What is Waste Management?

Waste management, as the name implies, is the proper disposal of waste. Waste can be divided into a variety of categories:

Hazardous Wastes

Must be disposed of by a certified company; it includes items like medical waste, batteries, and light bulbs. These cannot be recycled.


Tapes, Hard Drives, Computers, etc. These can be recycled.


This includes a variety of recyclable materials like paper, various metals, styrofoam, plastics, cardboard, etc.

Non-Recyclable Waste

These are various non-organic materials that are sent to the landfill to be used for energy recovery

Our Recycling Goals

The goal of Compass Recycling is to help businesses dispose of waste through the use of recycling and proper waste management. A business can produce a lot of waste that they may consider “trash” or “one time use”. However, Compass Recycling provides pickups, disposals, and recycling of various materials.

  • Secure Document Disposal and Recycling
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Cd’s
  • Dvd’s
  • Various Metals
  • Rubber
  • And a variety of other items

Going Green Is Easy

It’s important to protect our environment, be responsible business owners, and keep as much trash and waste out of landfills. Unfortunately, many individuals find it easier to “throw away” items instead of hiring a waste management and recycling company.

However, dividing out recyclables is not as difficult as it may seem, especially once businesses get used to a routine. Separating non-recyclables for recyclable materials begins to become second nature.

Energy Recovery

Because of the vast amount of waste that is now present across the United States, companies have begun to input a service called “Energy Recovery”. By converting waste to energy, waste management companies are able to convert materials that are unable to be recycled into usable energy. The liquid and gases obtained from the energy recovery process may be used to provide energy and heat, while reducing the need for energy from alternative fossil fuels.

Waste Management And Recycling

Compass Recycling offers a variety of plans for every type and size of business. Through our secure document shredding, don’t worry about disposing of secure papers. Let us shred it for you! We also provide waste management recycling rentals, various rebates back on metal materials, and regular business recycling pickups. You will also receive designated recycling bins for both small and large items, and a lock and key bin for secure documents.

For more information on our waste management and recycling programs, please call (830) 626-1700 or fill out our online Request a Quote form!

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