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Secure Document Destruction

Secure cerfified document shredding Compass Recycling has the largest plant based system that is locally owned and operated in Comal County, with the headquarters in New Braunfels, TX. For 10 years, Compass Recycling has been serving Central Texas, offering secure business recycling solutions for both large and small businesses throughout San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Seguin, and other Central Texas areas.

Shredding Services

Compass offers a number of ways to assist our customers including:

  • Routinely scheduled pickups: typically weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  • One time clean out projects
  • Convenient customer drop-off during plant hours

Documents Shredded Securely & Safely

Compass Recycling acknowledges that over the last 10-20 years the laws and guidelines with information management have become increasingly strenuous. In turn, this has made it even more troublesome on healthcare providers, financial institutions, and businesses of all types to securely destroy and recycle documents.

Up To Date & Certified

Now that we are in a primarily electronic world, in which most information is stored and distributed, numerous laws now cover how information should be accessed, distributed, and destroyed. Compass Recycling is a certified document shredding, disposal, and recycling company that can help your business with this transformation.

Secure cerfified document shredding


All of the offered services at Compass Recycling are done while abiding legislative laws (HIPAA, FACTA, HLB, ITEP) wholly and entirely.

Compass Recycling provides protected, secure, and certified shredding services that help you save time, as well as a hefty buck or two.

Document Shredding Supplies

We supply secure metal bins, in which to store your documents, that can only be accessed via a key. During the routine pickup, Compass Recycling will successfully obtain these documents (whether it be paper, cd’s, dvd’s, or floppy discs) and return them to our facility where they are properly destroyed.

Methods of Destruction

When it comes to document management destruction, there are really only two ways that are considered acceptable for any business. Most businesses prefer the convenience of shredding all documents to have that added protection against any information being compromised. Many companies see this method as a foolproof way of properly destroying the information necessary.

CD's, DVD's, VHS

However, cd’s, dvd’s, and vhs tapes cannot be easily shredded. Compass Recycling uses alternative methods to securely destroy these types of items. Compass has a variety of collection carts that are secured for the protection of your business’s information.

Certified for Destruction

Not all companies have documents that are easy to destroy, or that are financially practical to destroy. Compass Recycling’s secure document shredding program has the option to combine office recycling with shredding services. This helps reduce shred volume by 50%, saving your company money. We can also provide a “Certification of Destruction” for the documents that are processed through the secure shredding program, so your business has additional protection.

To learn more about the different recycling options that Compass Recycling has to offer, call us at (830) 626-1700 or you can request a quote by filling out our online form.

We look forward to working with you!

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