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"We understand that neither of us can accomplish much individually, but by working together, we can make a difference. If you’re interested in joining our programs, please come aboard. You’ll be glad you did."
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San Antonio Waste Management

San Antonio

Compass Recycling offers San Antonio waste management an affordable approach to  disposing of waste in an eco-friendly way that is beneficial to both the environment and the business community. Waste management is not just about destruction and hauling away waste, but waste management encompasses other service areas including offering recycling programs to businesses, discarding of secure documents, providing recycling equipment rentals to businesses, and business document management.

Compass Recycling waste management in San Antonio helps businesses determine which waste is destined for the landfill and which can be recycled. As an all encompassing waste management company, Compass Recycling cuts out the middleman by offering all of your needed services.

San Antonio waste management is not something your business should worry about when it comes to cost, efficiency, and availability. When it comes to searching for waste management in San Antonio , there is no company more willing to work with you, and for you than Compass Recycling. Compass Recycling in San Antonio helps businesses with their waste management and with ‘going green’ in today’s day and age.

Compass Recycling makes your waste management easier by offering Equipment Rentals and rebates for recyclable materials and scrap. With Compass Recycling, we promise we offer the highest value for your scrap! Our waste management services include recycling and shredding equipment that can be rented, purchased, or leased. Compass Recycling in San Antonio is also fully compliant with FACTA, HIPAA, ITEP, and GLBA.

For more information on our San Antonio waste management programs or recycling facts, visit our frequently asked questions page or contact Compass Recycling for a quote on our waste management services.

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Phone: 830-626-1700
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PO Box 312628
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395 Wright Avenue
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