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Recycling Services in San Antonio

Business Recycling San Antonio

Doing your part as a business when it comes to recycling is not that easy, especially when you live in a city like San Antonio. Most Central Texas cities offer residential recycling services, which is great! However, you will not find business recycling services in San Antonio. That is where companies like Compass Recycling come in. We are here to pick up the slack and offer premium services for a great price. From regular pick ups to secure document shredding, our dedicated team is always ready to help you in making your business greener.

Business Recycling in San Antonio

Compass offers regular pickups of recyclable materials. Worried about finding proper sized bins? Don’t be! We provide the recycling bins for you. Compass has various sizes of collection containers from small baskets to large rolling bins that can hold up to 300lbs of recyclable materials! When it comes to figuring out a schedule, just let Compass know how often you will need a pickup, and we will put your business down on our San Antonio recycling route.

Secure Document Shredding and Disposal

Compass Recycling is certified for secure document shredding and disposal for your San Antonio business. We will provide a secure, locked bin for any of your sensitive items. Whether it is paper, cd’s, usb drives, discs, dvd’s, or video/audio tapes, Compass has the proper tools and machinery to completely destroy any secure documents. Upon disposal, you will receive an official receipt of destruction. Many companies combine their secure document disposal with a business recycling service.

Equipment Rentals

We offer a variety of equipment rentals for those who are wanting to destroy documents and items on their own time. This includes any compactors, shredders, and baling equipment that your company may need to properly recycle their items. Your company may be a candidate for receiving scrap rebates, depending on the types and amount of materials that are being collected. Compass Recycling offers some of the highest rebates and value for your scrap items.

If you are ready to start the journey towards making your business greener and more environmentally friendly, then please do not hesitate to contact Compass Recycling for more information on our San Antonio recycling services. You can even fill out our Request A Quote form available via a link at the top of the page. We are excited to work with you!

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