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Recycling In San Antonio

Compass Recycling Services to San Antonio

Inside of an office environment are multiple items that can be recycled. After beginning the process, it is amazing how many things can be recycled. There are actually more items that can be recycled than those that are waste bound:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Old printers
  • Used paper
  • Paper shreddings
  • Glass
  • Plastic bins
  • and the list goes on!

Incorporating recycling into your San Antonio business is actually a much easier process than most individuals realize.

San Antonio is an ever growing Central Texas city. As such, the amount of waste from both businesses and households has increased as well. While residential locations have recycling programs in San Antonio that are provided through the city, businesses do not have this opportunity. Instead, business recycling in San Antonio is achieved through professional companies providing third party recycling services.

Business Recycling

The cost of hiring a professional recycling company to help your business go green is very minimal. Here at Compass, we even provide rebates to businesses whose scrap materials are of worth. Not only are you helping create a cleaner, friendlier environment, business recycling in San Antonio can also help you save money.

Compass Recycling Services To San Antonio

Compass Recycling Bins for Businesses Our San Antonio business recycling services are not only available for common paper products, but everything from old tires to file folders. Are you a doctor’s office that continually receives and replaces magazines for patient reading materials? Recycle old magazines each month, along with any junk mail, newspapers, and old papers through our recycling programs available in San Antonio.

When you incorporate recycling into your San Antonio company through Compass, you receive complimentary recycling bins and routine pickups. We strive to make our professional recycling programs simple, efficient, and convenient. We serve a variety of San Antonio business including manufacturing plants, architects, engineers, schools, hospitals, churches, car dealerships, contractors, and even retail stores!

If you work with a law firm, medical office, accountant, or other business that deals with sensitive documents, we not only provide recycling in San Antonio, we also provide certified document shredding services as well. Within the secure document shredding programs, Compass has a selection of secure collection containers in which to store your sensitive materials until they are picked up and properly destroyed by our team.

Certificate of Destruction

Upon destruction of your secure documents, Compass Recycling will provide an official “Certificate of Destruction”. We strive to provide all of our customers peace of mind in knowing that your records have been properly destroyed via a natural re-pulping process.

For more information on secure document shredding or business recycling in San Antonio, call us at (830) 626-1700

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