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"We understand that neither of us can accomplish much individually, but by working together, we can make a difference. If you’re interested in joining our programs, please come aboard. You’ll be glad you did."
-Matt Dirienzo

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"Compass Recycling" Questions:

  • How many containers will Compass Recycling provide?
  • We will provide as many containers as needed to get through a 2 to 4 week period. We can always adjust the quantities or pick-up frequency to meet your needs.
  • Where do we position the containers on the pick-up day?
  • Compass Recycling prefers that the container(s) be positioned in a designated pick-up location outside the building to avoid any interruptions to your business. If it’s not feasible for the client to move the containers to the outside, our driver can retrieve them. This will need to be discussed and reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • How often do you empty the containers?
  • Compass Recycling has found that most of our clients are comfortable with a recycling pick-up every 2 to 4 weeks. We do have a few on a weekly cycle.
  • Can I put paperclips and rubber bands into the container?
  • Yes, paperclips and rubber bands are fine. Try to remove large binder clips.
  • Do you pick up cardboard?
  • Yes, we do pick up cardboard in small quantities in our normal route program. For those businesses that generate a high volume of cardboard, we also provide balers and compactors.
  • Do you pick up newspaper?
  • Yes, we appreciate an effort to bundle or bag the newspaper if possible.
  • Do you shred any of the paper?
  • Compass has two separate collection programs: General Recycling and Secure Shredding Service. Material collected in our General Recycling Program is not shredded. Material collected in our Secure Shredding Program is shredded and a Certificate of Destruction is supplied to our clients for each pick-up.
  • What do your containers look like?
  • Our collection carts are in excellent condition.See photos of our Collection Carts
  • How big are the collection carts?
  • We have two sizes of carts: 65 gallon: (41"h x 27"w x 28"d), and 95 gallon: (45"h x 29"w x 34"d)

"Compass Shredding" Questions:

  • Is Compass HIPAA compliant?
  • Compass exceeds the shredding requirements of HIPAA, FACTA, GLBA and ITEP
  • What is a "Certificate of Destruction"?
  • "Certificate of Destruction" is a legal document prepared by Compass Shredding which states that all documents handled by Compass on that given pick-up or date have been destroyed.
  • Is the shredded paper recycled?
  • Yes, every piece.
  • In addition to paper, what else do you shred?
  • Compass Shredding does the following: paper shredding, VHS tape shredding, CD shredding, DVD shredding, credit card shredding and photograph shredding. Please contact us regarding any questionable items.
  • Is there a minimum amount of paper required for shredding?
  • No, we will suit a program to meet your needs: weekly, monthly, quarterly or on-call.
  • Is there a maximum amount of paper that you can handle?
  • No, our document shredding system can handle over 3.5 million pounds per month.
  • Do you pick up file boxes?
  • Yes, we have call-in pick-up service at any time.
  • Do staples, paper clips or rubber bands need to be removed?
  • No, there’s no need to remove these items.
  • What is your fee for shredding?
  • There are several variables that determine a final shred fee. Please go to Request a Quote and fill out the short questionnaire, and we’ll respond back quickly.

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"Compass Rental" Questions:

  • Why should I rent instead of purchase my equipment?
  • Renting requires very little up-front costs. There are usually tax benefits associated with renting. All equipment maintenance is covered under Compass’ rental program.
  • When does it make sense to purchase my equipment?
  • This is considered a customer preference issue. Compass Recycling will be happy to sell and install any specific model or brand that a customer desires. We also specialize in used and rebuilt equipment.
  • Does Compass ever provide free equipment?
  • This scenario is certainly feasible if a client produces an extremely large volume of scrap material. We also have a rebate program where the recovered value of the collected material is applied against rental or transportation fees.
  • How is insurance and liability insurance handled?
  • Compass Recycling requires a "Certificate of Insurance" from the customer listing Compass as additionally insured on their liability policy and the value of the equipment covered on their property insurance.

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