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Equipment Rentals by Compass Recycling

Recycling Equipment Rentals

When it comes to serving the rental needs of distribution centers, industrial plants and retail stores, efficient waste handling solutions usually involve densification equipment. In these situations, customers desire a simple, inexpensive and safe equipment rental solution to fit their needs.


Full-Maintenance Rental Programs

Compass Recycling San Antonio Compass Rentals has over 30 years of experience providing and maintaining industrial compactors, shredders and baling equipment. Compass customers appreciate knowing that they are operating high quality and safe equipment without the worry of maintenance expenses. All Compass Rental installations meet current OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. If you would rather own the equipment, Compass can structure a purchase plan or lease program to suit your needs.


Large Scrap Volume = Rebate Dollars $$

Depending on the volume and type of material being collected, opportunities may exist for your company to receive scrap rebates. Sometimes equipment rentals can even be provided free-of-charge. If you currently own your baler or compactor, contact Compass to discuss rebate programs. We offer the highest value for your scrap.


Single Source Provider

Large Recycling Equipment by Compass RecyclingCompass Rentals is part of the Compass family of services to provide single source solutions to handle all of your resource recovery goals.

  • Shredding
  • Recycling
  • Equipment Rental

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