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Certified Secure Document Shredding

Compass Recycling Document Shredding San Antonio

Compass Shredding provides certified document shredding services which includes regularly scheduled weekly/monthly service, one-time clean out projects, and convenient customer drop-off service as well as VHS tape, CD and DVD destruction.

Compass Recycling is a secure and trusted document shredding provider in:

Certified Document Shredding Services

Since we have entered the new millennium,Businesses, healthcare providers, and financial institutions have been challenged to improve their information management and destruction practices and policies. Numerous legislative laws (HIPAA, FACTA, HLB, ITEP) have been enacted that specifically address the responsibilities of destroying private consumer information. Compass Shredding is fully compliant with each of these laws and can play an instrumental role in your company’s document shredding practices.

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Since 2008, Compass has built a reputation for offering the most competitive shred rates in our service area. We accomplish this by having the most efficient business model and corporate structure:


Choice of Secure Collection Containers:

Document Shredding
Capacity: 227 lbs.
45 Capacity: 332 lbs.

First - Largest Shredder in Comal County

Compass operates the largest plant-based shredding system in Comal County which can shred in seconds what most truck based systems take minutes or hours to shred. This keeps labor costs to an absolute minimum.

Second - Locally Owned and Operated

Since Compass is a privately owned and operated business, headquartered right here in New Braunfels, TX, we are not burdened with the weight of national advertising campaigns, franchise fees, or corporate sponsorships.

Third - Reduce Shred Costs by 50% or More

Compass is unique in its service offerings with the ability to combine our general office recycling program with our shred service. The more material we can direct to our general office recycling program, the greater savings to you.


Let's Talk Shredding:

There are basically two ways to implement a document management destruction policy for your business.

"Shred Everything"
The most straight-forward approach is to shred all documents. This is a popular policy amongst industries that deal with a high percentage of secure information (Healthcare, Financial, Insurance, etc.) because it removes the chance of human error in deciding what is deemed secure. Compass customers can choose from amongst the selection of collection carts shown above for the best combination that suits their office environment.

"Separate and Save 50% or more"
For those situations where shredding all documents is either impractical or too costly, Compass has the perfect solution for you. By combining Compass’ shredding service with our Office Recycling Program, most businesses can reduce their shred volume by 50% or more. In most business environments, secure and non-secure waste streams can be identified and contained. For example, documents from Accounting and Human Resource departments are determined to be “secure” while documents from other areas may be able to be collected in our general office recycling program. While Compass can only provide a “Certificate of Destruction” for those documents collected and destroyed through our secure shredding program, our recycling customers enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing that all documents collected in this program are also destroyed through the natural re-pulping process at the paper mills.

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